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Restore Old Ironmongery

Old Ironmongery

Architectural ironmongery can over time, and especially when exposed to the elements, weather and tarnish. The above image shows a collection of items that have discoloured over time. Sometimes rather than purchase new ironmongery, it can work out more economical to re-finish your old items. A major advantage is the fact that all items will fit back into exactly the same place as before. See next image for example of how items can be restored.

Polished and Restored

The above image shows the old tarnished ironmongery restored beautifully to a highly polished and unlacquered finish. All black spots and tarnish marks, save indentations and scars, have been removed. As long as your ironmongery has a solid brass base metal, then it can be re-finished in any of our finishes. Please contact our sales team for further information and pricing.