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Bathroom Privacy Snib & Release Sets

  • Snib & Release (Concealed Fix)
    Snib & Release (Concealed Fix)
  • Snib & Release (Visible Fix)
    Snib & Release (Visible Fix)
  • Indicating Snib & Release
    Indicating Snib & Release
  • Privacy Bolt Sets
    Privacy Bolt Sets

There are a variety of bathroom door lock types to choose from, but a bathroom turn and release set is perfect for those hunting neat, smart and discreet locks. The bathroom lock thumb turn and release sets sit directly underneath or adjacent to the door handles or knobs, and works by turning 90 degrees to lock or unlock the door. These types of privacy snib and release sets usually have emergency coin release on the outside in case someone were to become stuck inside.

The bathroom turn and release sets are not only practical, but can even add style points to your overall bathroom decor. For instance, you can opt for a privacy snib in a range of ironmongery finishes - such as antique brass, applied bronze, satin nickel and so much more. Who knew bathroom door locks could be so much fun..?