Carpet Strips & Trims

One of the important factors to choosing your carpet or even updating your wooden flooring is choosing the right carpet fixing strips. The right carpet to wood flooring, for instance, will ensure your home decor naturally flows between rooms and enhances the appearance of your home. Not only do the floor strips add style points to any space, but offer practical functions. If you have chosen a brand-new, soft feel carpet - metal floor transition strips and the like will ensure the carpet does not fray at the edges, affecting the look of your rooms.

Carpet fixing strips and floor trims are available in a range of styles and shapes to suit modern and traditional properties. For new, contemporary builds - opt for metal floor transition strips or, perhaps, a polished nickel carpet to wood floor trim. Traditional properties are more suited to a brass carpet trim, enhancing the character of the home. Whatever your preference, you can get floor strips in a range of finishes - including polished copper, brushed antique brass, pewter, black nickel and more.