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Free delivery to Mainland UK for orders over £150.00*
Free delivery to Mainland UK for orders over £150.00*

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Stainless Steel Collection

  • Door Numerals (SS)
    Door Viewers & Numerals (SS)
  • Cylinder Pulls (SS)
    Cylinder Pulls (SS)
  • Mortice Knobs (SS)
    Mortice Knobs (SS)
  • Lever Handles on Rose (SS)
    Lever Handles on Rose (SS)
  • Lever Handles on Plate (SS)
    Lever Handles on Plate (SS)
  • Centre Door Knobs (SS)
    Centre Door Knobs (SS)
  • Pull Handles (SS)
    Pull Handles (SS)
  • Hinges (SS)
    Hinges (SS)
  • Door Knockers (SS)
    Door Knockers (SS)
  • Snib & Release (SS)
    Snib & Release (SS)
  • Letter Plates (SS)
    Letter Plates (SS)
  • Escutcheons (SS)
    Escutcheons (SS)
  • Door Stops & Holders (SS)
    Door Stops & Holders (SS)
  • Signs & Symbols (SS)
    Signs & Symbols (SS)
  • Door Closers (SS)
    Door Closers (SS)
  • eos cabinet pull stainless steel
    Cupboard (SS)
  • Flush & Surface Door Bolts (SS)
    Flush & Surface Door Bolts (SS)
  • Push Plates (SS)
    Push Plates (SS)
  • Flush Pulls (SS)
    Flush Pulls (SS)
  • Bell Pushes & Door Chains (SS)
    Bell Pushes & Door Chains (SS)
  • Hat & Coat Hooks (SS)
    Hat & Coat Hooks (SS)
  • Window Fittings (SS)
    Window Fittings (SS)
  • Handrail Fittings (SS)
    Handrail Fittings (SS)
  • Espagnolette Handles (SS)
    Espagnolette Handles (SS)

Our stainless steel door collection is timeless and hugely popular. Stainless steel door handles, door knobs and more have long been popular due to their durability and reliability, especially for commercial properties. As a general rule of thumb, stainless steel door knobs and door handles fare better outside and with tougher atmospheric conditions than most other door ironmongery finishes. Save for a regular wipe to remove finger marks and minimise wear and tear, stainless steel door furniture can boast a very long life.

Not only do our stainless steel door handles, knobs, signs, pull handles, push plates, door bolts - you name it - offer practical functions, but they also look great. You can rest assured our stainless steel door collection - available in polished stainless steel and satin stainless steel - will suit all properties.