For those who lock and open their doors with keys, you’ll be familiar with escutcheon plates. Escutcheon plates are, essentially, keyhole covers and keep the hole in your door neat and tidy and, most importantly, safe. Without a proper covered escutcheon or plate, your home is vulnerable and your door less secure. With that in mind, you need to ensure your keyhole covers are in working order and tip-top condition. A blank escutcheon or designed plate can also enhance the look of your door, so it’s worth checking.

As mentioned above, we have a range of escutcheon plates available. You could opt for a plain and blank escutcheon to suit a more modern, ‘no fuss’ door, or even opt for a style that is slightly more intricate. Similarly, our blank and covered escutcheons are available in a range of finishes. If you want a brass escutcheon, you have come to the right place. Additionally, you can also opt for door hardware finishes including black nickel, pewter, satin and polished styles, brushed antique brass and more.