Matching Ironmongery Suites

If you are redecorating your home, one of the many decisions to make is whether to have uniform door ironmongery. Maintaining balance within your home is key to a stylish aesthetic, and you can create a cohesive style with matching door furniture sets.

We have a range of door ironmongery suites that can suit all homes, and offer various shapes and sizes for door handles and knobs. While not all rooms will have similar themes, you can create the illusion of matching styles with these door furniture sets. Alternatively, stick to one particular door ironmongery suite and, perhaps, use lever handles downstairs and matching door knobs upstairs.

Our door furniture sets are available in a range of bespoke door ironmongery finishes, including leather, shagreen, pewter, black nickel, real bronze, matt bronze, crystal & glass, hammered and gold plated. Inject character into your home with personalised door furniture sets.