Special Purpose Hinges

If there’s one thing you need to ensure your home is functional, practical and stylish - you need special purpose hinges. These special door hinges offer a number of functions for your home, and ensure your door furniture fittings open, close and work as they should. There are a number of special door hinges available for your home, including rising hinges, stormproof hinges, strap hinges, lift off hinges and even piano hinges.

While special purpose hinges may not be the priority for your decorating checklist, they should be. Tired, weathered and dated door hinges can, ultimately, impact your home’s decor - especially if you have spent a lot of time and effort in updating your home. However, a new hinge can breathe life into the space, while improving the look of your interior doors. Add to that, the special door hinges are available in a range of ironmongery finishes, such as satin copper, polished copper, black nickel, pewter and so much more.