Letter Plates & Inner Flaps

One of the quickest (and most painless) ways to improve the kerb appeal of your home is to look at updating the letter plates. If you’ve spent time and energy updating the exterior of your property, don’t stop there - front door letter plates are another design element to fulfil the dreams for your home.

Letter plates are your home’s connectivity to the world, changing the overall appearance in an instant. With our range of inner flaps and front door letter plates for wooden doors, uPVC doors and more - you can enhance any visitor’s first impression. Stay fresh, contemporary and exciting with our range of front door letter plates - available in a range of styles to suit all homes - alongside the inner flaps, ideal for preventing any draught in the house. Similarly, we also have a range of unique finishes, such as Polished Copper, Satin Copper, Black Nickel.